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Let me help you BUILD your way to success using proven strategies used by the best of today’s marketing experts.

“As a Clickfunnels Builder and Designer, I’m always looking to take my creative design skills to the next level.  A Funnel is not about 2-3 landing pages, it is a journey for your customers.


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Imam Hasan

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Funnel Building & Design

Discuss the Project with You : Before I can do anything, I need to know what you expect from your funnel. If you have a business you must need a sales funnel but all funnels are not equal. Many kinds of funnel each funnel have different steps. It depends on what kind of business or services you have. I ask you for all these details: what’s your business or services, your audience, etc. Funnel is not about 2-3 landing pages, it is a journey for your customers.

Research : I always begin with an enormous amount of research. Research starts before any funnel building work – that takes place much closer toward the end of the process.First, I consider what projects I’ve done in the past that could be similar to yours. Next, I check what’s working with other businesses in your niche, taking tons of notes and screenshots. This involves using numerous paid tools to reveal key details about the analytics of the web pages. After research I create your offer, bonus, upsell, down-sell.

The Design : Only after I’ve finished creating your offer then I start designing your landing pages. It’s useless to build the perfect landing page if the design doesn’t meet your requirements. Before I start designing, I need to know what your expectations are. It’s no good if I design the whole thing and find out you actually want a different font or color scheme. This includes everything from aesthetics to capturing your audience’s attention, to bold headlines that speak directly to your target audience.

Optimize Your Funnel: The next step optimizes your funnel at every stage your sales funnel needs to be optimized for every type of device. Mobile is especially important, as that’s where most of your traffic is coming from. During optimization, we also make sure images are the perfect size to keep quality high but load speeds fast.

Review : Finally, I spend a tremendous amount of time checking, re-checking, and testing to make certain everything is perfect. We check that your landing page looks perfect on every screen size, loads fast, and makes a great first impression.

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2 ways available. Either I will work on my ClickFunnels account & deliver a project to you as a SHARE FUNNEL LINK at the end or If you provide me your ClickFunnels account access then I can work on it directly.

I am specialized in funnel building and design, so that’s what I am strong at. Copywriting is not my strength, so you will need to provide copy for all the pages in the funnel.

YES , I’ll offer  integrations but we can discuss it in detail. Mail follow up or campaign services also.

Customers reviews

"The result of my entire funnel was exactly what I wanted. Even though the funnel needed to be made in french, Imam was very adaptable and provided a high quality job. I recommend 100% "
Adam Sendler
Fitness Coach
"Imam has been AMAZING throughout this entire process. I'm all over the place with my ideas, and he really helped me collect my thoughts, make everything systematised and methodical, and has a really keen eye for design!
Mila Kunis
"This is my first time doing a review for someone . I love Imam's work so much ! He's amazing and all out to help me even on a rush timeline ! Highly recommend Imam to all ! "
Mike Stuart